What is digital marketing? What are the major categories of Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a form of advertising. Advertising products or services on Digital platforms.
Digital platforms – Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Websites like Company sites or e-commerce sites.

We all know marketing is so much important for business growth. As it helps attract new audiences. All the major companies put more focus on their marketing strategy, but during COVID lockdown time there were no traditional marketing platforms were available. Companies planned good strategies and put their marketing money on digital marketing. People started spending much time on their phones using social media. Nowadays we buy even groceries from websites. It helped even small businesses to reach genuine customers. It helped big brands expand their reach. So marketing a business digitally is beneficial for buyers and even sellers. With more facility and good quality products, you can turn them into your lifetime customer.

We have been using the internet for decades. It is the fastest way to get information. People used to market their business only through hoardings, newspapers, magazines, radio FM, and television. Which can cost much, so not every company afford to draft a good marketing plan on a tight budget.

Digital marketing is a very cost-effective way to promote a business on Social media, Websites, Search engines, E-mail, and Applications. You can start driving results with investments as low as 1$. Of course, the result will depend on the money you have invested and the targeting of an audience. Now, this is much more fascinating about digital marketing than traditional marketing.

Traditional marketing is much more like brand awareness. You promote your brand in newspaper or television, you don’t know how much it will gonna grow our business. Because that is the form of advertising for a general audience. You have no data analysis about how your marketing has performed.

With the help of digital marketing, you can market your brand, product, or services to people who are actually interested in it. Who is your buyer persona? You can analyze data with each campaign like campaign reach, impression, cost per view/ cost per click, and demographic information of visitors. [Demographic Information means static data like their age, gender, nationality, education, and religion]. This can help you understand your specific buyer persona. Now you know whom you need to show your product/ service.

Let’s say you are a burger lover. You went to a cafe and ask for a burger but instead, another person is trying to convince you to have pasta. No matter how delicious pasta they make and how good marketing he did but you are not going to eat pasta when you want to eat a burger. If the other person doesn’t stop convincing you it can make you irritated. This is how digital marketing is the best evolution in the marketing industry, it shows your product to only people who are interested and looking for a product you are selling. It just needs a specific target audience.

Digital Marketing is one of the highest-paying jobs in 2022. As it has so much potential to make your business boom. And people with the right skills and knowledge earns very well.

10 Major categories that fall down under Digital Marketing

Let’s see the major categories with basic examples or definitions.

1. Content Marketing:

Blogs, Education videos, E-books, Case studies, and Testimonials are the form of Content marketing.

2. Social Media Marketing:

Creating a post/video on Instagram/YouTube is also one type of blogging.
Social Media Marketing provides different advertising strategies to boost your account reach and grow your profile whether it is personal or business.
It is the platform where you get to know what your customers think about your brand.

3. E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing is an old and effective marketing strategy. It’s like taking a follow-up on customers who are still interested in a product. You can gain new customers and you can sell new products to the same customers.

4. Google My Business / Local Business Setup

If you want to go to a new cafe in town, what will you do? Are you not going to take out a newspaper and start searching for it, right? You will take out a phone and start googling the best cafes in town or cafes near me and the search engine will give you a list of cafes near your current location. This is what the local business setup is.
Remember, if you want to have a big win, first win your home ground.

5. Google Analytics

Let’s say your website is live. But what are infographics? How do you get to know about your website performance? How many visitors or potential customers came, and what are their demographics? These are the information you should know to make your game strong. Google Analytics also allows to remarket them.

6. SEO

Search Engine Optimization. There are 1.93 Billion websites live on google. And I hardly remember a time when I searched something and I scrolled for more than the first 3 pages on google. SEO is the organic process that helps you rank on google.

7. SEM

Search Engine Marketing. SEO and SEM both help you to rank on google. But SEO is a slow pace, money-saving, and authentic method whereas SEM is a money-consuming but fast pace process.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a kind of refer and earn program. First, you understand the game, you can make good money from it. Platforms like Amazon also provide affiliate programs.

9. PPC

Pay-Per-Click. It is an online advertising program where you need to pay a publisher only when someone clicks on your website/ online store. Rest is your job.

10. Lead Generation
There are so many businesses where showing an ad, reaching a potential customer, and remarketing them with social media or e-mails are not just enough. Let’s say someone is looking to buy a house. This is a huge money-investing thing that takes time. The client will want to know about the location, will make a visit over there, will negotiate about budget, will look for good home loans, and if everything falls in right place, then after your deal will get close. In this type of case, you will need to run a lead generation campaign where people who are actively looking to buy a new home get to see your ad and provide you their information like names, and phone no so that it can make further process easy for both the parties.

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